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Contracted Maintenance

            We maintain both computer hardware and software.  Networks and standalone computers can be included in our services.  We tailor make each maintenance contract according to customers’ needs.  Therefore, components in service contract and payment method are agreement between customers and us.  By this way, we provide great flexibility and convenience to our customers.

On-Call Maintenance

            By offering the on-call service, we provide another solution to customers’ computer problems.  The scope of this service is similar to the Contracted Maintenance except customer is charged on an hourly basis.  Most customers with less technical demands and home users welcome this solution.

Network Design and Installation

            Our experts in networking will design networks that fit best for our customers’ businesses.  LAN, WAN and connection to Internet are among our services.  We not only design the network, but also install it for our customers.  We install the network from cabling to booting up the whole system.  Therefore, our customers do not need to worry about any thing in setting up their own systems.

Computer and Accessory Sales

            We have a wide range and the most update models of computers to choose from.  Our customers only need to call us and order.  The computer will be delivered to their hands in a few days.  We also help customers to make special order from around the world.  Besides computers, we also have accessories ranging from printers to mouse pad.  Our price is reasonable and most customers satisfied with the convenience we provided.

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